ACP Statement about “The Georgia FENCE” at Art on the BeltLine

"ACP is dedicated to enriching the Atlanta community with photography of all kinds, from fine art to documentary. We realize in our passion to spread the love of photography and the powerful messages it can convey, it is important to provide context and choose venues with thought and care.

We missed the mark with the way our Georgia Fence project on the BeltLine’s Westside Trail was introduced to the community and want to apologize to the community and to the photographer. The work in question depicts a wonderful program that introduces dogs to inmates in the Fulton County Jail. The program is designed to benefit both the animals, who are from shelters, and the inmates, who build confidence and viable job skills.

ACP is a diverse organization with events and exhibits that celebrate many different ethnic and cultural communities. When we get it right, we bring people together. We look forward to continuing the conversation with all members of our community and will always strive to be a positive force for bringing people together through art and the dialogue it can create."

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