Recent Interviews with Pete Souza

If you appreciated the ACP Lecture Series event with Pete Souza during the festival, you might appreciate these recent interviews where he fleshes-out the story he told in Atlanta in October. His book is in its 3rd week in the top slot of the New York Times Bestseller list.

- Most recently, Souza sat down with Mike Pesca (Dec. 5th) over on The Gist (9 minutes in, link is time-stamped) where he spoke about his five-plus years in the Reagan administration, and more.

- Here's Souza with David Axelrod (episode 196), where Souza added more detail to how things were in the early days of the Obama administration.

- Souza appears in the middle section of "Pod Save America" (44 minutes in, link not time-stamped) with pals Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer.

(Photo detail above, by John E. Ramspott)

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