Le Flash Reactions

Le Flash: Le Postmortem by Catherine Fox
"In the milieu of good cheer and curiosity Le Flash created, social and racial divisions temporarily melted away.

Indeed, the most satisfying part of Le Flash was being part of the mix of artists, gallery-goers, club types, sight-seers, families and weirdos. Let's do it again next year.
From Le Flash-Atlanta: worlds collide in dance with Lauri Stallings’ “Pour”, by Cynthia Bond Perry
"Cameras flashed as several dancers, clad in April McCoy’s romantic tutu designs, tumbled up the alley between Haynes and Mangum streets. In a flurry of anticipation, their bodies seemed to light up as if fireflies flashed inside. As these fantastical beings led, we followed, through an enchanted world up the alley and across Nelson Street.
From PHOTOS: 5 things to love about Le Flash in Castleberry Hill by Jamie Gumbrecht
"It’s not just that art was everywhere — it’s that it was public. Art is already a constant in Castleberry Hill. The galleries, restaurants, stores and living spaces are living examples of contemporary art. But this was individual and group art in common spaces, with no need to walk through a door or pay in advance. It was on the sidewalks, on the road, in alleys, on buildings and pedestrian bridges. It was literally moving down the street, in gloATL’s “Pour” performance, and a number of other impromptu parades and traveling works. Atlanta feels like an entirely different city when so many people share a public space for a shared, public sensation.

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