#ACPfest, the hashtag

We're firing-up the jets for this year's Festival, and we can't wait to get you the brand new Festival Guide when it arrives from the printers.

In the meantime, let's talk hashtags. While we all know ACP can be found on twitter @ACPtweets, you might not know our hashtag for the festival itself is...(drumroll)...

#ACPfest Beyond twitter, hashtags work fantastically in the Instagram app on your phone, and less well on the web (and not at all on Instagram's website), but we'll definitely be following #ACPfest on Instagram as well. Our account is atlantacelebratesphotography. Facebook copied twitter's hashtag idea, and while it doesn't really work as well over there, here's a link.

Our iPhone app will be getting refreshed again this year, and we'll be ready to tell you about it later this month!

Ready? Onward!

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