Looking at News Photographs from the Past Week

When there's an incredible week of news, it's often an incredible week for news photography, and last week was an example of both. As a blog about photography, we thought we'd highlight a few of the most popular photographs we've seen in the past few days, in hopes that one or two of them are new to you.

One of the more memorable photographs out of Dallas was taken by Ting Shen for The Dallas Morning News.

tingshen_900wTing Shen / The Dallas Morning News

What's remarkable is that Ting Shen is an intern for the DMN, and he had an interesting response to praise of his photograph on twitter, here, via Chris Megerian.


Locally, John E. Ramspott was on the ground for the march here on Saturday in Atlanta, and has a full set of photographs here. Sheila Pree Bright was sharing photographs from the same march on her tumblr and facebook. Brett Falcon has a full gallery here. Jonathan Walker is a prolific instagrammer who made this incredible photograph on Saturday:

walker_instagramvia wakkagram

Hands-down, the most discussed photograph is this image by Jonathan Bachman / Reuters of Ieshia Evans, a mom in Baton Rouge who was one of 102 protesters arrested on Saturday.
bachman_full_900wJonathan Bachman / Reuters

"It happened quickly, but I could tell that she wasn’t going to move, and it seemed like she was making her stand. To me it seemed like: You’re going to have to come and get me. And I just thought it seemed like this was a good place to get in position and make an image, just because she was there in her dress and you have two police officers in full riot gear." - Jonathan Bachman
Bachman also made this incredible photograph, again, from Baton Rouge:

bachman_900wJonathan Bachman / Reuters

And to end on a local note, a personal favorite, via Twitterer AzaniaJustice.

azaniajustice_900wvia AzaniaJustice

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