ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Clint Alwahab


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We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Clint Alwahab, Senior Photo Editor, CNN.

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Clint Alwahab is a Senior Photo Editor for CNN Digital, overseeing daily production and distribution of all photography across CNN's desktop, mobile web and mobile apps. He is based in the CNN world headquarters in Atlanta.

CNN Photos engages audiences across platforms and enhances storytelling by showcasing photography that is unique, dynamic and informative. We spotlight the best pictures and photo stories from around the world while establishing the CNN brand in the photojournalism community.

Clint can provide feedback on a range of imagery, but focuses mostly on documentary photojournalism. From daily and breaking news coverage to long term storytelling, he can give guidance on shooting and editing as well as presenting your work to major news outlets.

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