ACP Quick Look!

As #acpfest gains momentum, we've been updating instagram (@atlantacelebratesphotography) & twitter (@acptweets) at a rapid clip, keeping-up with ACP events and all the exhibitions and events at participating #acpfest venues. We're even doing real-time Instagram "stories", if you haven't checked them out yet. (Please use #acpfest - we're retweeting and regramming!)

From Instagram, one of the best photos we've seen of The FENCE, from ACP Advisory Council member Murphy Townsend. Thanks, Murphy!


It was fantastic to see so many of you at Last night's lecture from Duane Michals! Don't forget his opening tonight at Jackson Fine Art. And while you're at it, here's everything that's happening through the end of the weekend. ENJOY!

IMG_9615_900wDuane Michals ACP Lecture at Woodruff Fine Arts Center

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