ACP Quick Look (10/17)

While the best way to follow along with #acpfest in real time is through Instagram and/or Twitter, we try to pull together a few pics here every week for the blog. Have a look!

2D75CC63-7484-46B3-92CF-D300D614310FBaldwin Lee's incredible artist's talk at MOCA GA for ACP Lecture Series

BLWtaSYlII_Michele Romero's photo of photographer Alex Rogers at ACP Portfolio Review - @micheleromeronyc

BLTvaLtFbxSMichele Romero's photo of photographer Robby Klein at ACP Portfolio Review - @micheleromeronyc

20161008_IMG_9647ACP Portfolio Review

20161009_IMG_9660ACP Portfolio Review - roving reviewer, Mary Stanley

248CE49C-D756-44E0-8EAC-2AABB63E2839ACP Portfolio Walk

3A71A216-9D80-4AEB-9A85-253E2D4664C6Photographer Robb Hill at the ACP Portfolio Walk

14701163_1303343653043327_8970968620028919808_nPhotographer Alec Soth giving the keynote lecture at Eye South in Columbus

14711947_1271151112926475_5404401354791714816_n"Do Good" collection panel discussion at Eye South in Columbus

20161014_IMG_9747Posters at Photo Battle

20161014_IMG_9756Surprising juxtapositions during Photo Battles

20161014_IMG_9762Great crowd at Photo Battle

Ilia2GuestsOpening for Ilia Varcev at Pace Academy

IMG_2906Reception at Atlanta Artists Center

IMG_8603Reception for Nathan Dean at Restaurant Eugene
BLl-oKND0thRuination at Spruill Gallery - @weirdweiland
BLPll_7h3Rj"Creature of What You Are" Day and Night Studios - @gsuphoto
michalsDuane Michals and Francis Crisafio - @franciscrisafio

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