Avedon & Baldwin’s “Nothing Personal”

I saw a series of tweets this weekend between Jörg M. Colberg (ACP Portfolio Reviewer, 2008) and John Edwin Mason about the photobook "Nothing Personal," a collaboration between Richard Avedon and James Baldwin, who were high school classmates while growing-up in the Bronx.

James Baldwin is back in the news these days (feels great to be able to say that) as the subject of the Oscar-nominated "I Am Not Your Negro," which is currently playing all over town, including Midtown Art Cinema. Andy Ditzler, Atlanta-based curator of Film Love, had a screening with a Baldwin film on Friday night, and it was great to see a packed-house for Baldwin's words and wisdom at Gallery 992 in the West End.

Colberg & Mason's conversation piqued my interest, in that I'd never seen the book before, so after a few cursory searches yielded a price-point outside my ballpark, I found that Jörg had video'd paging-through the book back in 2011. Remarkable.

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