Introducing “Everyday Atlanta”

Since the spring, we've been collaborating with Austin Merrill and Peter DiCampo's "Everyday Projects" to create "Everyday Atlanta," a positive, daily look at the ins-and-outs of life in our city.

In the first phase of the project this Spring, we worked with two local high schools (Riverwood & Tri-Cities) on how students can use photography to dispel stereotypes. Over the summer, the project has moved to Instagram at @everyday_atlanta for its second, more public phase.

A current list of participating photographers in @everyday_atlanta includes:

Audra Melton - @audramelton
Billy Howard - @billyhowardfoto
Enrique Samson - @enriquesamson
Kevin D. Liles - @kevindliles
Marilyn Suriani - @mar618
Matthew Rond - @matthewrond
Robert "Q." Oliver - @film_god
Rachel LaCour Niesen - @rachellacour
Raymond McCrea Jones - @raymondmccrea

The third phase will be a public installation on MARTA, weaving together the 1st two phases, coming Oct. 1st!

(Photos above by @film_god, @audramelton, and @billyhowardfoto.)

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