KLIQUE – Documentary Series about Atlanta Photographers

So fantastic to find out about Klarque Garrison's 12-episode docu-series about Atlanta-based photographers called Klique. Here's a playlist. Great to see these folks and Demetrius Williams who you may remember from PhotoBattle 2017!

Like #weloveatl and ATL Photo Night, it's always inspiring to find locally-grown initiatives like Klique spring-up to celebrate Atlanta photographers all year-round!

Episode 1: Joi Pearson
Episode 2: Brian L. Christian
Episode 3: Ty Myrick
Episode 4: Kat Goduco
Episode 5: Corey Cottrell
Episode 6: Drea Nicole
Episode 7: Omega Ruth Jr.
Episode 8: Megan Dougherty
Episode 9: Kayla MaDonna
Episode 10: Demetrius Williams
Episode 11: River West

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