Help Us Find THE FENCE a New Home!

After an incredibly successful four-year run on the Atlanta Beltline's Eastside Trail, THE FENCE finds itself in need of a new home for October.

What we need:

1. An existing fence that spans a minimum of 700 feet (or proximate sections totaling at least 700 feet) for us to attach THE FENCE.
2. Must be in a safe, pedestrian-active zone (THE FENCE is not suitable for viewing from a car and is best seen on foot or bicycle).
If you know a great location in Fulton County, where THE FENCE can be presented in its entirety, please let us know.

Over the last four years, THE FENCE has showcased some of the world's best photography from an international call for entries (including The FENCE 2017 Juror's Choice winner, Atlanta's own Joshua McFadden).
As the largest public exhibition of photography in North America, THE FENCE will appear simultaneously in eight cities in 2018, including Brooklyn, Boston, Durham, Denver, Santa Fe, Sarasota, and Calgary.

ACP appreciates all the love, support & attention you've given THE FENCE on the Eastside Trail over the last four years. We look forward to showcasing THE FENCE in it's new location as we celebrate ACP's 20th anniversary this October!
Please fill out this form to let us know if you can help find THE FENCE a new home!
Regards and thanks,


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