Kate T. Parker “Heart of a Boy” Event, April 7

Atlanta-based photographer Kate T. Parker has a new book (about boys!) coming out this spring with an event on April 7th at Mason Fine Art. Image above linked to Amazon, or call Little Shop of Stories at (404) 373-6300!

April 7, 2019
Mason Fine Art Gallery with Little Shop of Stories
415 Plasters Ave., NE Suite 100 Atlanta, GA
4pm talk/signing with Emily Giffin
"Man up. Boys don’t cry. Tough it out. These are phrases virtually every boy hears at some point during his life. For generations, we have taught our boys the most important trait they can have is to be stoic and unemotional—and traits that do not fit that mold should be suppressed.

THE HEART OF A BOY challenges this notion. Filled with powerful, moving photographs accompanied by thoughtful quotes from each subject, it celebrates the the many ways there are to be a boy - the sensitive and the strong, the creative and the silly, the kind and the curious. Meet Mason, age 6, who pronounces “I like to try new things. I believe in myself.” Matias, age 9, who exclaims “It’s not about what you look like, it’s about your heart.” And Ryan, age 7, who says “I want to be president because I am helpful, kind, and nice."

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