ACP 11 Festival Guide Calendars

September 1st, 2009
We've created three calendars this year that will help you keep track of ACP 11. To get your feet wet, start with the ACP 11 Programs calendar, which covers the first 18 listings in the Festival Guide.

The ACP 11 Exhibitions calendar covers multi-day exhibitions that span a range of dates, and the ACP 11 Events calendar covers events (like lectures, openings, receptions, workshops) that span a range of time on a particular day.

ACP 11 Programs [html, ics or ical format (iCal, Sunbird, or Outlook 2007)]

ACP 11 Exhibitions [html, ics or ical format (iCal, Sunbird, or Outlook 2007)]
ACP 11 Events [html, ics or ical format (iCal, Sunbird, or Outlook 2007)]

Atlanta Art Calendar @ ArtRelish

February 11th, 2009
Our friends at maintain a comprehensive calendar of arts events happening in the Atlanta area. The calendar is updated frequently, is easy to read, and is a great stop to find out what's going on. We recommend bookmarking the month view!


ACP maintains a calendar as well, which is relevant in autumn, but for a year round view, artrelish's calendar does the job.

ACP 10 Programs Calendar

August 12th, 2008
We've updated The ACP 10 Programs Calendar to reflect this year's events. We're still finalizing details (dates/times) for our Public Art installation at the Water Tower, and those will be added and automatically updated. You can subscribe to this calendar as an .ics file if you run iCal on a Mac. If you have a Google account, you can click the add button on the lower right (below) to add this to your Google Calendars. First event: Christopher Bucklow lecture at the High Museum on Sept. 11th.

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