Review of Tierney Gearon at Jackson on ARTSATL

November 20th, 2013
gearon Donna Mintz takes a look at Tierney Gearon's latest at Jackson Fine Art.
"We experience the color and geometry as they act on the environment in the photograph. Our eye is drawn to the bright shape and the ripples of color in the shadows that fall away on the ground outside the shape. None of the children inside those shapes seems eager to come out. No wonder. Imagine how the world must look from inside a cube of the brightest cerulean, a rectangle of sunniest yellow or a hot magenta triangle."

Review of Ralph Gibson’s “Quartet” at the High Museum of Art

November 28th, 2011
Ralph Gibson at The High
“Quartet” is not a retrospective, but a survey of the High’s extensive Gibson holdings, acquired over the past 10 years with the support of the Kuniansky family. The conceit of the exhibition, curated by the High’s Brett Abbott, is to break Gibson’s oeuvre into suites of four images — wall groupings whose inner logic is sometimes that of a mini-sequence, sometimes a visual conjugation of an idea, sometimes a dialectic of like answers to unlike problems. The foursomes are often illuminating, especially by allowing us to understand the grammar of Gibson’s artistic commitments, the visual equivalencies that permute into core design forms.
From Jason Francisco's review of Ralph Gibson's show "Quartet" at the High Museum of Art on

Jerry Cullum Reviews Two Photo Shows: Holly White & Jody Fausett

November 14th, 2011
Over on, Jerry Cullum reviews two photo shows: Holly White at Poem88 & Jody Fausett at Whitespace.
"White’s sense of composition and search for the exactly right moment of balance has seemingly proven communicable to students. One of the other jurors (I was one of three) of this year’s “My Atlanta” exhibition noted the unusually perceptive quality of the photographs coming out of Paideia School, in particular how intelligently the elements of the landscape were juxtaposed via camera angle. At the time, none of us was aware that White was teaching there. However, recalling those photographs in the surroundings of “Cinematic Language” suggests a definite influence on the succeeding generation of photographers."

Still.Life at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Reviewed by Felicia Feaster on ArtsCriticAtl

April 18th, 2011
"Still Life" at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery is reviewed by Felicia Feaster
"Some artists use form to work out ideas. And some artists get lost in it, clinging like drowning men to their rainbow of colors, technology and mixed-media kit bag. Like Mr. Kurtz gone native in the jungle, such artists couldn’t cut themselves out of the tangle with a machete, even if they tried. And often, they don’t want to. The artists in “Still.Life” – an exhibit at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery through May 28, which explores the connection between photography and painting in the digital age — are knee-deep in form and giddy from the fumes. What Julie Blackmon, Michael Marshall, Aline Smithson and Maggie Taylor have in common is a certainty that more is more. Sometimes they’re right.

Jason Francisco Reviews Henri Cartier Bresson at The High Museum

February 21st, 2011
"As a young artist, he quickly grasped that the act of removing things from their context and putting them into unexpected relations is not incidental but fundamental to photographic imagination and — as he would spend the better part of his career investigating in his journalism — what we call knowledge by way of photographs. He understood as well as any photographer ever has that photography is a non-literal art with an extraordinary capacity to ventriloquize the literal, an indirect art masked in directness, a circumstantial art of contingent truths passing as necessary truths and vice versa."

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