[VIDEO] “Photographer Zach Wolfe is Still Hungry”

July 5th, 2018
Great to see this Adobe Create profile of Atlanta-based photographer Zach Wolfe, who was a featured speaker in 2014 for our ACP Spotlight Series with Bitter Southerner.

[Video] Nowness: Dennis Morris

June 5th, 2018

KLIQUE – Documentary Series about Atlanta Photographers

February 8th, 2018
So fantastic to find out about Klarque Garrison's 12-episode docu-series about Atlanta-based photographers called Klique. Here's a playlist. Great to see these folks and Demetrius Williams who you may remember from PhotoBattle 2017!

Like #weloveatl and ATL Photo Night, it's always inspiring to find locally-grown initiatives like Klique spring-up to celebrate Atlanta photographers all year-round!

Episode 1: Joi Pearson
Episode 2: Brian L. Christian
Episode 3: Ty Myrick
Episode 4: Kat Goduco
Episode 5: Corey Cottrell
Episode 6: Drea Nicole
Episode 7: Omega Ruth Jr.
Episode 8: Megan Dougherty
Episode 9: Kayla MaDonna
Episode 10: Demetrius Williams
Episode 11: River West

Paris Photo 2017 Artist’s Talks

November 28th, 2017
Artist's talks (and interviews & conversations) from this year's Paris Photo are now available, and many of them are in English. Here are a few selections; best bet is to visit Paris Photo's Vimeo.

Pete Souza, on 8 years as White House photographer

June 28th, 2017
White House photographer Pete Souza has a new book in production, slated for publication in November and he's been making some public appearances.

Here's a recent half-hour conversation at Ohio University:

[VIDEO] Mickalene Thomas at Spelman Museum – Art Papers Live

March 9th, 2017
If you missed the talk on Feb. 9th at Spelman College, there's a video of Mickalene Thomas' visit to Atlanta. Her exhibition is open through May 20th.

Avedon & Baldwin’s “Nothing Personal”

February 27th, 2017
I saw a series of tweets this weekend between Jörg M. Colberg (ACP Portfolio Reviewer, 2008) and John Edwin Mason about the photobook "Nothing Personal," a collaboration between Richard Avedon and James Baldwin, who were high school classmates while growing-up in the Bronx.

James Baldwin is back in the news these days (feels great to be able to say that) as the subject of the Oscar-nominated "I Am Not Your Negro," which is currently playing all over town, including Midtown Art Cinema. Andy Ditzler, Atlanta-based curator of Film Love, had a screening with a Baldwin film on Friday night, and it was great to see a packed-house for Baldwin's words and wisdom at Gallery 992 in the West End.

Colberg & Mason's conversation piqued my interest, in that I'd never seen the book before, so after a few cursory searches yielded a price-point outside my ballpark, I found that Jörg had video'd paging-through the book back in 2011. Remarkable.

Eric Pickersgill’s TEDx Talk

June 8th, 2016
Eric Pickersgill's work was the talk of the ACP 2015 Portfolio Review, and it's great to see his "REMOVED" project become an exhibition. Here's an artist's talk about his work at TEDxBend "Do Our Devices Divide Us?"

"Artist Pickergill's photography series, Removed, went viral and touched a collectively universal nerve. He makes visible what so many have tried to explain about the ways personal devices alter human behavior, helping us relearn how to be truly connected in our device-dominated age.

Artist and change agent, Eric Pickersgill, explores the psychological and social effects that cameras and their artifacts have on individuals and societies as a whole. His viral photography series, Removed, has made visible what so many have tried to explain about the ways personal devices alter human behavior. We live in a time where the line between the real and virtual is nearly invisible. The use of personal devices is so common that the terms in which we use them is no longer discussed. Despite the accelerated proliferation of digital photographs, art still has the power to shape perspectives and alter habits. Eric is represented by Rick Wester Fine Art in NY and is on the Executive Board of Directors at The Light Factory."

360 Video – Finally Merging Form With Function

May 19th, 2016
While 360 cameras have been available for a while, and the technology keeps getting better (more resolution, better software to stitch the files together) I haven't seen an example that didn't feel frivolous, forced, or unnecessary.

All that changed with Joshua Jelly-Schapiro's new story for RYOT / Huffington Post on "Rethinking Cuba". If you've seen photographs (or footage, even) from Cuba and wondered what was beyond the frame, 360 video is racing to fill that gap. Jelly-Schapiro's example merges journalism with a new kind of travel voyeurism that I haven't seen before.

Plus, it's fascinating how 360 footage presents a kind of experience that's akin to watching a livestream from a fixed camera location. As a viewer, you feel like you don't know what will happen next, and that you're empowered to (in some small way) control the outcome by panning and scrolling through the frame. (Use your mouse, folks!) It's a YouTube-based "Choose Your Own Adventure".

When new cameras, equipment (or apps, even!) come along there's a race to figure out their best use, and Jelly-Schapiro's example comes as close as I've seen to realizing the strength and uniqueness of 360 video's promise.

Billy Weeks’ TED Talk at TEDxChattanooga

April 27th, 2016
Here's Georgia photographer (and baseball fan) Billy Weeks, talking about his path into and through photography, via TEDxChattanooga.

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