Sheila Pree Bright / Richard Avedon Mural

So fantastic to see this mural through the rain this morning, on the Fulton County Daily Report building at Pryor & Trinity. The piece is part of Off the Wall ATL, an incredible effort from local arts non-profit Wonderroot.

The mural pairs Richard Avedon's 1963 group portrait of Julian Bond with Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee activists here in Atlanta, with Atlanta-based artist Sheila Pree Bright's contemporary portrait (taken in Vine City) of mothers including Samira Rice (mother of Tamir Rice), Wanda Johnson (mother of Oscar Grant), and Gwen Carr (mother of Eric Garner).

"Sheila Pree Bright re-created the Richard Avedon image with mothers of unarmed victims of police brutality from across the nation. These mothers have become leaders and activists fighting for social justice to bring about accountability and policy reform that speaks to racial injustices in the 21st century."

The New York Times covered the mural with this piece from Fayemi Shakur: "From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter: Honoring Black Mothers Who Lost Their Sons." And the Off the Wall project was on CBS This Morning last week, including an interview with Wonderroot executive director (and former ACP board member) Chris Appleton.

It's also fascinating to see how the Avedon photograph is one of at least three frames from this particular shoot. An alternate shot, below, appeared in his book "Nothing Personal".

This version above is a slight crop of the original frame, and here's a 2nd version of the mural photograph, but this time without Julian Bond's daughter, Phyllis.

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“Henri Dauman: Looking Up” at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

We're happy to be sponsoring three upcoming screenings of the new documentary "Henri Dauman: Looking Up" at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. The screenings are Feb. 14/16/17, and we think you'll enjoy this film as much as we have!

As a friend of ACP, here's a 25% discount code for those screenings: 25ACP

"Focusing a lens on one of the 20th century’s preeminent photojournalists, HENRI DAUMAN: LOOKING UP celebrates the seminal work and inspiring story of the artist behind some of the world’s most iconic images. Hardly a household name, Henri Dauman created a slideshow of American history, popular culture and high society, seen by millions of readers of Life magazine and other publications. Seeking to capture not just the likeness but the essence of his subjects, Dauman immortalized celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Brigitte Bardot, and Elvis Presley. His work extends to pivotal world events, portraits of ordinary people and, notably, stunning New York City photos that launched his 40-year career after immigrating to America. Stepping out from behind the camera for the first time, the self-taught perfectionist remains every bit the engaging storyteller, relaying his childhood trauma in wartime France and love of movies, which inform the life-affirming vibrancy of his work."

ACP Auction in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Great to see the ACP Auction in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, in their January issue, on newsstands now!

Fulton County Fine Art Acquisition Reception – Jan. 26, 5:30-8:30

"Please join us at the official closing party of Fulton County Arts and Culture's Fine Art Acquisition Program Exhibition. The exhibition features 114 pieces of art recently purchased by the County, our largest acquisition to date.

Artist Conversations
6:30 - 7:30pm
Hear from Darnell Wilburn of Garcia | Wilburn Gallery and a panel consisting of Terrell Clark, Sharon B. Dowdell, Rose Barron, Ronnie Phillips, Niki Murphy, Nancy Blum, Gittel Price, Dianne Kirkland, Diana Toma, Christopher Eubanks, Dennis Morton, and Carolyn Grady."

86 Pryor Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Call 404-612-5780 for More Information

ACP Marquee Event: Annie Leibovitz @ Cobb Energy Center – Nov 29, 2018

What a sensational night with Annie Leibovitz! Thank you all for being with us to hear from this photographic legend, and thank you, Annie!

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"Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) produces the largest annual, community-oriented photography festival in the USA. Through our annual October festival and year-round programming, ACP seeks to involve anyone who has taken or shared a photograph to explore the power of photography as a language we all speak, to increase accessibility to the arts, to interact with the local community and enrich Atlanta’s cultural offerings.

Through the festival, each part of the city is touched by a variety of events and exhibitions – whether they're at the world's busiest airport, at bustling Piedmont Park, or tucked away in quiet corners of Atlanta's outskirts - we transform studios, galleries, museums and public spaces into a coordinated cultural experience!"

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Zoltan Gerliczki’s “Celestial Bodies” opens Friday at Atlanta Art Solutions

"The work presents a digital collage combining Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement with a series of over 350 pictures of the artist’s body. Every character, male or female, that was painted by Michelangelo is now replaced by one naked man, referencing both the nudity that was present in the original version of Michelangelo’s masterpiece as well as offering an overt reference to the rumours surrounding Michelangelo’s own sexuality.

As Michelangelo is known for his studies of anatomy, this work provides a contemporary take on this subject. Aside from the general anatomical exploration of the human form, there is also a personal search of the artist’s awareness of his own body’s transformation over the course of a matter of years - the photos in the work were taken over a period of more than a decade.

The individual pieces represent the various stories that are present in The Last Judgement. Here, the direct reference to the painting is taken away, to only focus on the individual stories taken from the canticas Paradiso, Inferno and Purgatorio of Dante’s Divina Comedia. By only using the sky as background, there is no judgement to be passed: all stories, from hell, purgatory or paradise, are seemingly played out in heaven."

Text by Tim van den Oudenhoven c. 2018
Zoltan Gerliczki
“Celestial Bodies”
Opening Friday 9 Nov.2018 The time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Place: Atlanta Art Solutions
689-A 11th St. NW Atlanta, Georgia 30318

MUBI now screening “The Dead Nation”

Every year we have more great ideas for programming than we can possibly realize. In the Spring, we talked with the fine folks at MUBI, a video streaming service that specializes in international art house cinema. While discussing a potential partnership for the ACP Film Series, their curator/programmer suggested a Romanian film called "The Dead Nation" which sounded fascinating (trailer here) and is directly related to the intersection of cinema and photography.

"The Dead Nation is a documentary-essay, which shows a stunning collection of photographs from a Romanian small town in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The soundtrack, composed mostly from excerpts taken from the diary of a Jewish doctor from the same era, shows us what the photographs do not: the rising of the anti-Semitism and eventually a harrowing depiction of the Romanian Holocaust, a topic which is not very talked about in the contemporary Romanian society."
The Dead Nation is available for viewing on MUBI starting today, and if you appreciate global cinema, experimental filmmaking, and the best independent filmmakers in the USA, you'll appreciate their rotating slate of 30 films (only) they always have on view. If you want to know more about what's happening in the world of cinema, their "Notebook" is a great read. If you end-up signing-up, tell them Atlanta Celebrates Photography sent you!

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