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  • Updated: April 10, 2019

Please sign-up for our email list to receive updates about the ACP 2019 Photobook Fair - THE photobook event of the Southeast! The ACP 2019 Photobook Fair will take place Oct. 4th & 5th at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCAGA).

2018 ACP Photobook Fair at MOCAGA

The 2018 ACP Photobook Fair took place at MOCAGA on Oct. 12th & 13th, 2018. Participating publishers and booksellers included: 21st Editions, AINT-BAD, Brilliant Graphics, Candela Books, Fall Line Press, Nazraeli Press, Overlapse, TBW Books, Yoffy Press, Zatara Press, + independent artists and small publishers.

Artist's talks included Lubo Books, Anne Berry, Kael Alford, William Boling, Carl Martin, & Teri Darnell.

2017 ACP Photobook Fair at Hathaway

The ACP Photobook Fair at Hathaway Gallery took place Oct. 14th & 15th, 2017. Participating publishers and booksellers included: Aint–Bad Magazine, Cover Books, Daylight Books, Fall Line Press, Little Big Man Books, Lodima Press, Nazraeli Press, Red Hook Editions, Yoffy Press, and Zatara Press. Artist's talks included Brandon Thibodeaux, Jenny Sampson, Inbal Abergil, Louie Palu, Chuck Hemard, Bill Yates, Jeff Rich, Forest McMullin & Laurie Shock.

2016 [UNTITLED] Art Book Fair


In 2016, ACP's annual photobook fair became [UNTITLED] ART BOOK FAIR at Atlanta Contemporary.

At Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta’s most innovative venue featuring contemporary art, Atlanta Celebrates Photography showcased a curated selection of some of the most notable photobook publishers, art/photography zines, published photographers, and photobook vendors from around the nation for two days full of discovery and photobook celebration. Keynote speaker Doug Dubois gave an artist's talk, and exhibitors included 21st Editions, South Dennis, MA; Aint–Bad Magazine, Savannah, GA; Atlanta Book Group; Cover Books, Atlanta, GA; Fall Line Press, Atlanta, GA; Flash Powder Projects, Atlanta, GA; Ones2Watch sponsored by Young Collectors Club, Atlanta, GA; Nazraeli Press, Pasa Robles, CA; SCAD, Atlanta, GA; Shock Design, Atlanta, GA; TBW Books, Oakland, CA; ; TIS Books, Brooklyn, NY; UGA Press, Athens, GA, and Zatara Press, Richmond, VA.

In addition to the outstanding photo book publishers and artists present, there were numerous artist talks and book signings, including Bill Yates, Barbara Griffin & Laurie Shock; Joshua Rashaad McFadden; Rylan Steele; Elliot McNally & Forest McMullin; Doug DuBois, and Mark Steinmetz.

2013-2015 ACP Photobook Fair at Decatur Book Festival

From 2013-2015, ACP hosted a photobook fair at the Decatur Book Festival, featuring photographers & photobook publishers within the country's largest independent book festival.

Photobook Fair 2011

In 2011 and 2012, the Photobook Fair brought together photobook-makers and enthusiasts. In 2011, ArtRelish and ACP spoke with participating artist Kate Jordahl, Gerald Straw, Bryan Meltz, and Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library.

Photobook Fair 2010

In the second year of the Photobook Fair, the event doubled in size at the Piedmont Park Community Center, and included a demonstration of photobook making software from

Photobook Fair 2009

The inaugural year of the ACP Photobook Fair took place alongside My Atlanta at the Piedmont Park Community Center.

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